Land Lawyers Association

We do our best to provide the highest level of services by employing highly qualified staff only, involving managers in each project directly and applying multilevel quality control.

Land Lawyers Association

Association of Land Lawyers is a narrow focus specialized land enterprise.

Association of Land Lawyers was established by lawyers, attorneys and consultants whose main specialization is land and property relations including support of investment activities. The company is aware that the legal services are a special business product. This is precisely why the top priority activity of land lawyers and attorneys of this business community is a focused business line.

The services performed by the Association are unique. Today it is the only legal company in Moscow and Central region of Russia that specializes solely in solving any issues in the field of land, real estate and investments.

Many of its clients prefer to apply to the company over working with their own legal service. The reasons are the following: difficulties of the emerging issues, a need in a narrow specialized lawyer, a lack of necessary experience and networking among employees of their own legal service.

Association of Land Lawyers is notable for having necessary business connections, relevant information and high competence, as well as the experience in the sphere of land, real estate and investments.


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