Teshilovo: Valuation of the under construction resort, Sberbank

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15 July 2012

Valuation of Teshilovo resort was performed due to request of Sberbank in the Tver region. The main purpose of the valuation is to provide financial backing for developer to complete the construction. We hope that after reconstruction the property will be not only a high-quality resort but also a great complement of that infrastructure located at the water body, the nearest one to Moscow.

The experts of VALRUS have an extensive experience in valuation of both land resources issued for the cottage construction and development of recreational properties and hotel real estate including recreation centers. Particularly, during 2008-2009 at the location of this property, our specialists conducted valuation of the largest project of integrated development of suburban areas in the Tver region, Moscow and the central part of Russia - the project "Bolshoe Zavidovo", implemented by «Interros" Group over a territory of 1,300 ha. Currently the project is being actively developed: the construction of bay with infrastructure and small apartment complex around it and the arrangement of the golf-course of international class are in progress.