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METRO Cash & Carry– is the largest management company of the international cash & carry (wholesale) business format of the retail giant METRO GROUP.

METRO Group Holding was established in 1996 as a result of the merger of METRO Cash & Carry, Kaufhof Holding AG and Asko Deutsche Kaufhaus AG. Shares of METRO Group are listed on FRANKFURT MAIN stock exchange.  

Up to date Metro Cash & Carry is represented by more than 750 shopping centers in 26 countries. The sales results of 2013/2014 amounted  about 31 billion euros. The number of working employees exceeds 117 thousand.

In the beginning of the 21st century the main focus of international expansion was on the rapidly growing markets of Eastern Europe, including Russia and Asia. Wholesales chain of METRO Cash & Carry was purposefully expanded,  the retail area grew up, especially due to  increasing in Russia and China. The strategy of internationalization sucessfully performed by METRO Cash & Carry was the basis of the company development.  

Today the russian sector of METRO Cash & Carry opened 83 shopping centers in 47 country regions (among them the hypermarket "REAL" in Kotelniki is also considered). Sales of METRO Cash & Carry during 2014 amounted 209 455 million rubles (compared with the previous year, the increase was 14, 3 %). The amount of employees exceeds 20 thousand.


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