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Assessment appeal is one of the most common valuation purposes.

Assessment appeal allows to minimize the tax burden, reduce rental charges and cut property redemption value.

There is an obligatory requirement for Accounting and Financial Reporting for all organizations. Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are implemented in Russia.

Intellectual property valuation is estimation of company’s non-material assets which can exceed the cost of its material assets. Non-material assets don’t have material content but have value and can bring income. Intellectual property rights should not only be properly executed, but also placed on the firm’s balance sheet.

Business valuation implies calculation or estimation of assets, stockholdings and asset groups costs, including all enterprise’s assets (as well as non-material assets).

Valuation of movable assets includes valuation of transport facilities, machinery and equipment, including sea and river crafts (water transport), railway transport, air transport and special-purpose technical means.

The most common type of valuation is the real estate valuation.

Real estate valuation is a fair market valuation of various real estate property rights (title to real estate, tenant rights) made with a specific purpose (purchase and sale transaction, real estate mortgaging, tax base corrections, liquidation of an enterprise, construction projects implementation, etc.). Fair market valuation primarily reduces the risks of losing funds when performing real estate transactions.