Valuation of vehicle fleet for Prodo's enterprise

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In 2014 the specialists of VALRUS conducted appraisal of market value of vehicle fleet of PRODO’s sub-company.

PRODO is a Russian holding operating on the market of poultry, pork and meat processing, including full production cycle from launching to sales. The enterprises of the Group are located in Central, Siberian and Ural regions of RF.

The largest federal brands of PRODO are: Klinskiy, Omsk bacon, Troyekurovo, Rococo and others, the largest local brands are: UMKK, Perm meat processing plant, Luzinskaya Krinochka etc.

The appraised vehicle fleet included 689 items of transportation located at the production areas in Luzino, Omsk region (Omsk Bacon, Luzinskoe Zerno, Luzinskiy Feed Processing Plant) Kalachinsk, Omsk region (Kalachinskiy Meat Processing Plant), Rozovka and Rostovka, Omsk region (Sibirskaya Poultry Farm). The fleet was mainly presented with the cars of domestic manufacture, as well as trailers and transport trolleys.