Valuation of movable assets for Rosagroleasing

We do our best to provide the highest level of services by employing highly qualified staff only, involving managers in each project directly and applying multilevel quality control.

Since 2015 VALRUS has performed valuation services of different movable assets for Rosagroleasing.

Rosagroleasing is a leasing company with government involvement, operating in the agricultural sector and performing tasks of the Russian Federation Government, the main aim of which is to transfer the modern equipment of production (agricultural machinery, manufacturing and processing equipment) on available conditions of financial rent (leasing) to the native agricultural producers.

Rosagrloeasing is on the top of ten largest leasing companies and a total leader in a segment of agricultural leasing.

Under work implementation the experts carry out an appraisal of the following movable assets:

  • General purpose agricultural machinery (combines, tractors, ploughs,  cultivators, transport trolleys etc)
  • Other vehicles (cars and trucks)
  • Manufacturing complexes (farms and complexes for cattle, pork production complex
  • Agricultural equipment (equipment sets  for crops, dairy farms, including module dairies etc.)
  • Other equipment (for sawing production, for production of corrugated boxes etc.)
It should be noted that the level of technical condition of the appraised movable assets is characterized by the different level of working capacity, including cases of partial and complete loss of working capacity as well as equipment failure, different kinds of damages and other defects when the company experts conduct additional technical expertise  and/or calculation of scraps value.