Intellectual Property Valuation

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Intellectual Property Valuation

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Intellectual property valuation is estimation of company’s non-material assets which can exceed the cost of its material assets. Non-material assets don’t have material content but have value and can bring income. Intellectual property rights should not only be properly executed, but also placed on the firm’s balance sheet.

Types of intellectual property to value are as follows:

  • Trend mark valuation
  • Valuation of patent
  • Brand valuation (trade mark)
  • License valuation
  • Goodwill valuation

Non material assets are divided into categories, each of these include several subdivisions of intellectual property:

  • Patents for different inventions, industrial designs and selective breeding results can be placed in the category of industrial intellectual property;
  • Copyright items and related rights usually include scientific work, music, literature, as well as painting and others art forms;
  • Computer software/programs, micro circuitry, research and engineering work, data bases, certificates of trademark, information on commercial secrets can also be considered intellectual property.

Valuation of non-material assets is often necessary to achieve the following purposes:

  • entering of non-material assets on a company’s balance sheet;
  • credit granting secured on of exclusive rights;
  • understanding of investments profitability;
  • conflict resolution as the result of exclusive rights violation.

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