Real Estate Valuation

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Real Estate Valuation

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The most common type of valuation is the real estate valuation.

Real estate valuation is a fair market valuation of various real estate property rights (title to real estate, tenant rights) made with a specific purpose (purchase and sale transaction, real estate mortgaging, tax base corrections, liquidation of an enterprise, construction projects implementation, etc.). Fair market valuation primarily reduces the risks of losing funds when performing real estate transactions.

Types of real estate to be valued:

  • Residential property
  1. apartments
  2. cottages
  3. houses
  • Commercial real estate
  1. office premises
  2. industrial premises
  3. warehouse premises
  4. shopping premises

  •   Land plots
  •   Facilities under construction .

VALRUS K3 performs valuation of land plots, commercial real estate.

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