Valuation of 100% shares in the authorized capital of 'Saratov Digital Telephone Network’

In June 2016 the experts of VALRUS carried out an appraisal of market value of 100 % shares of the Saratov Digital Telephone Network's authorized capital.

According to the results of the appraisal, which was held for mortgage loan purposes, the bank came with a positive decision on loan granting.

‘Saratov Digital Telephone Network’ is a company which has provided high-quality telephone services both to individuals and legal entities since 1995 and is one of the leading operators of Saratov region in the field of telephony and internet access. On the appraisal date the company had a subscriber base of more than 20 thousand, including not only households, but also industrial and retail companies, companies of service industries, state and municipal enterprises.

During valutaion the experts of VALRUS applied two main approaches to appraise the company in the sphere of telecommunication. Within these approaches a complex analysis of the industry and competitors (including analysis of the company’s financial operation) was held, in addition, economic and financial model with the further cost calculation was developed by using discount approach.