RICS seminar Valuation of built-up areas in Kazakhstan

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RICS seminar Valuation of built-up areas in Kazakhstan
26 February 2015

February 26, 2015, RICS Russia & CIS held the seminar devoted to delicate aspects of valuation of built up areas in Alma-Ata.The event was aimed at professional valuers and developers. The lecturer was the Head of VALRUS, Paul Kartsev, Ph.D., MRICS.

During the seminar the following issues were considered: methodological problems of valuation of development projects, approaches to qualitative and quantitative valuation of risks, analysis of the most effective use of built-up land plots (rarely used in Kazakhstan).Very view valuers are familiar with this procedure and even fewer are able to use it correctly. The seminar revealed the issues of the co-relation of discount rates and capitalization in valuation of real-estate as well. Besides the discussion, there were numerous examples, rate models and rates of return on invested capital. Multi-level structure of the seminar let each participator to obtain data on issues that concerned most, including information about the best practices and implementation of the ready-made solutions. During the seminar the network with Kazakh partners was established, as well as with the Society of Appraisers of Uzbekistan.

The sponsor of this event was Global Development company.