Public speaking of Mr. Pavel Kartsev at the VI International conference New rules, new practice.

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Public speaking of Mr. Pavel Kartsev at the VI International conference New rules, new practice.
9 October 2015

During October 8-9, 2015, in hotel HolidayInn Sokolniki the VI International conference New rules, new practice was carried out. The event was organized by the Valuation Committee of the Association of Russian Banks. 

Over 200 participants attended the conference among which were the representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation, the Ministry of Property Relations of Moscow region, Urban property department of Moscow, Russian and international banks, valuation companies, the largest consumers of valuation services, the leading analytics and consultancies, Mass-Media representatives.

Mr. Kartsev , Director of VALRUS, Ph.D. in Economics, MRICS, had a public speech within this conference. The report of Pavel Kartsev was devoted to the co-relation of discount and capitalization rates, being a hot-topic in the sphere of real estate valuation, including loan and mortgage purposes, since this aspect is the source of frequently arising disputes between the appraisers and experts of mortgage banking services.

This was not the first speech of our companys experts presented at this event, which is considered to be the one of the most popular and important in the field of valuation in Russia. The participation in the conference and the positive feedback on the presentation demonstrate high appreciation by valuation and bank societies. VALRUS, for its part, will continue to work on extending cooperation with the banks and maintaining the high quality of valuations for loan purposes.