Assessment appeal of the land plots at Odintsovo district of the Moscow region

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15 July 2015

The properties of the valuation were two land plots with total area of 1,7 ha considered as residential area with the permitted use to construct petrol stations. The plots were located at a distance of 5-6 km from Moscow to Minsk highway in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region.

On the results of the Assessment Appeal State Commission under the Rosreestr in Moscow upon the application of ‘Alpheka’ company to review cadastral valuation of land plots of Novoivanovskoe village, the rejection was received.

As long as the experts of VALRUS not only perform valuation services, but also provide defense of their reports in the relevant authorities, the detailed comments were given on the objections of the Commission and the Ministry of Property of the Moscow region.

Throughout the forensic proceeding in the Moscow Regional court the accuracy of valuation was proven and, as a result, the judge resolved the difference between market and cadastral values of properties; in terms of prepared report a positive decision was made.