Valuation of poultry factory. PRODO Group

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Valuation of poultry factory. PRODO Group
24 July 2012

The valuation of shares of the poultry factory Kalininskaya has completed. Kalininskaya is the agro-industrial enterprise being a part of the PRODO holding and is located in the Perm region. The valuation was carried out by the professionals of VALRUS under the leadership of Mr. P.V. Kartsev. The range of works included the full variety of activities, i.e. the inspection of company and its assets, the necessity of studying the history as well as financial and operational activities, analysis of the industry and the companys prospects on the market, and a research of assets and the companys liabilities.

The Customer highly appreciated the quality of the performed valuation, the Russian Society of Appraisers (RSA) also confirmed this by the positive expert opinion.


The company was founded September 21, 1962. By the regulation of Council of Ministers of the USSR Sovhoz named after Kalinin was renamed to Kalininskaya poultry factory and at that time the livestock population of laying hens was about 100 thousand.

After a few decades, in 2007, the business was reoriented to the production of hatching eggs for broiler poultry factories of the Urals, and the main consumers of this product today are 'Perm Poultry factory', 'Tchaikovsky Poultry factor' and other branch enterprises of the Perm region. 

The important advantage is the fact that over the last few years the global reconstruction of production facilities was held. Currently the production facilities combine the following systems of complex:  feeding, ventilation, heating, lightning, watering and automatic collection of eggs. Due to fully integrated manufacturing product engineers and poultry farmers can deal with poultry exclusively without being distracted by other steps of the process.

All this allows to achieve good production results today (following the results of 2010 over 19 mln. eggs were produced and the livestock population of laying-nes was 82, 5 thousand heads), which was highly estimated at the regional level. Because of high production indicators Kalininskaya poultry fabric was repeatedly awarded with diplomas of the Ministry of Agriculture, rolling banners, badges and other symbols of the participants of VDNKh.