Decrease of the cadastral value of the land plot under the Ahlstrom plant

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Decrease of the cadastral value of the land plot under the Ahlstrom plant
21 September 2017

The team of Valrus appraisal company has successfully completed the assessment appeal project for the land plot of 20 hectares in Industrial Str. 11, Redkino, Konakovskiy District, Tver Region.

This land plot is the main industrial area of the Alstrom-Tver plant.

The plant is a part of Ahlstrom-Munksjö Group, a global leader in the production of high-quality fibrous materials. Ahlstrom was founded in 1851 with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. Currently, there are branches in 20 countries around the world and total number of employees is 5,525 people. One of the key areas of the Group is the production of glass woven and non-woven materials, fiberglass, which are used in the production of vehicles (ships, yachts, cars, rolling stock), wind turbines, linoleum and others. Ahlstrom is the largest industry player in the Russian fiberglass market. 

Our appraisers have determined that the market value of the land plot is 45% lower than the cadastral one. The results of the valuation were successfully defended by the specialists of Valrus ltd. in the Assessment Appeal Commission at Tver regional department of Rosreest. As a result, the Commission came to a positive decision and accepted the appeal. The completion of the project allowed the Client to receive a tax savings on land tax of more than 1 million rubles per annum.