Forensic examination as part of the assessment appeal of a land plot in the Moscow region

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24 September 2015

The leading expert of VALRUS, Mr. Kartsev P. V., was involved by the Moscow Regional Court as a forensic expert to determine the market value of the land plot in the Moscow region as part of case №3-318/15 for its assessment appeal.

Following the decision of the Moscow Regional Court to carry out forensic valuation expertise, the research of land plot value was conducted. The land plot was a part of the land agricultural designation with the area of 16,5 ha and permitted use under dacha projects at Volokolamsk of the Moscow region. Based on the results of the research, the valuation review was prepared and submitted to the court during established period. The cost of the property was nearly 25 million rub, as of January 01, 2013.

At the following court hearing the expert provided clarifications on the conclusion and answered on potential objections of the parties concerned, including the Ministry of Property of Moscow Region. As a result, the judge came to a decision to establish the cadastral value of the land plot based on a market price which was specified by the expert , Mr. P.V. Kartsev.